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Why use Contrax?

Streamline your process, get more done and free up your time to focus on your clients. We provide comprehensive legal reviews available instantly in a template format that allows you to customise to your client's needs and send it to them fast.

How It Works

Find the Contract of Sale

Received instruction from your client to review a contract of sale? Search the address in the search bar or access the contract directly from the link provided by the real estate agent to your client. If the address is not available, make a request, and we'll have it ready for you within two business days.

Create an Account and Purchase

Create an account and purchase the legal review and we'll send it straight to your inbox. To help you manage your workflow, we'll store all your legal reviews in your account, and we'll notify you if anything changes.

Cross-Check the Legal Review

Along with the email template sent to your inbox, you'll have access to the legal review and contract of sale on our website. On the site, you can quickly and efficiently cross-check each clause in the legal review using custom links to the original contract of sale.

Customise and Send to Your Client

With the standard legal review done, you can easily customise the template to your client's specific needs and get it out to them fast. Give your clients all the information they need to decide whether to proceed with negotiations and then take it from there.

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For Lawyers & Conveyancers

Contrax helps lawyers and conveyancers increase efficiency and improve the profitability of their businesses. We attend to the manual task of reading through and annotating the contract of sale and creating a comprehensive legal review while you focus on your clients. Personalise the legal review for your client's needs and get it into their hands in under 10 minutes.

We understand the significant inefficiencies in the conveyancing process and are trying to help. It makes no sense for multiple lawyers and conveyancers to provide numerous reviews of the same contracts of sale, especially as many of these clients will never complete the purchase. This process is time-consuming and limits the amount of time that you can spend building relationships with your clients.

Start your conveyancing process with Contrax. Search for the property address, download the contract of sale and purchase a legal review instantly. If the property address is not available, get in contact with us, and we'll provide you with a review of the contract of sale for this property within two business days.