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Why Use Contrax?

Prepared by property lawyers. Comprehensive and 100% independent.

Move quickly, with confidence and avoid cumbersome legal processes.

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How It Works

Legal Review Created and Shared

Our team of property lawyers examines the contract of sale and prepares a comprehensive legal review. We complete our review before the first open home so that it’s available when you need it. Found your dream property? Search the address in the search bar or access the contract directly from a link provided by the real estate agent.

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View the legal review to identify any legal issues with the property and any unreasonable clauses in the contract of sale. We’ll explain, in plain English, the legal process of buying a property and make sure you have all your legal bases covered. To help with your ongoing property search, keep all your legal reviews in one place, and we'll notify you if anything changes.

Move Forward With Your Property

Personalise the contract of sale and remove any unreasonable clauses before proceeding with an offer. Our team of property lawyers can help negotiate directly with the vendor's legal team on your behalf. Already have a lawyer or conveyancer? Forward them the legal review, and they can take it from there. With the legal groundwork laid, you can move swiftly, with confidence to secure your property.

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Dedicated To Buyers and Their Legal Teams

Contrax helps buyers, lawyers and conveyancers and real estate agents work together to get to contract exchange quicker. The conveyancing process is cumbersome and prone to inconsistency. The legal aspects of buying property can be confusing for buyers, and there are significant inefficiencies for property lawyers and conveyancers. Contrax is trying to help.

By enabling real estate agents to upload the contract of sale to Contrax, we can provide buyers and their conveyancing teams with instant access to comprehensive legal reviews, that are 100% independent and available when they need them.

Buyers can make an offer on a property confident that they understand the contract of sale. Lawyers and conveyancers can cut hours from their conveyancing process and focus more on what matters most - their clients. Everybody in the conveyancing process wins with instant access to pre-reviewed contracts of sale.