Spend less time chasing lawyers and more time selling


Why use Contrax?

Arm your buyers with all the information they need to move forward with an offer. With a pre-reviewed contract for sale, buyers can move fast, and you can spend less time chasing and more time selling.

How It Works

Add Property and Upload Contract of Sale

Create an account on Contrax, add your property and upload the contract of sale prepared by your vendor’s solicitor. Contrax is free for real estate agents.

Legal Review Prepared

Our team of property lawyers examines the contract of sale and prepares an independent and comprehensive legal review. We can complete our review before you begin your marketing campaign so that it’s available for your buyers as soon as they need it.

Share with Buyers, Lawyers and Conveyancer

We’ll notify you when the legal review is ready and provide you with a link and QR code to share the contract of sale and legal review with your buyers and their legal teams. To share, simply send the link via email and display the QR code at your next open home and on your marketing materials.

For Real Estate Agents

Contrax helps real estate agents spend less time chasing lawyers and more time making sales. By creating an account on Contrax and uploading the contracts of sale for your properties, you'll be allowing us to prepare a comprehensive legal review for you to share with your buyers when they need it.

Contrax allows your buyers to move fast while avoiding cumbersome conveyancing processes. They'll have access to a plain English legal review, that they or their conveyancing team can purchase and view immediately. The legal review will arm your buyers with all they need to know before moving forward with an offer.