Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about the Contrax legal review

What is a Contrax legal review?

The Contrax legal review summarises the sale contract, highlighting the critical terms and conditions and any amendments that would make the agreement fairer for potential purchasers. Contrax prepares its legal reviews using language that is easy to understand and jargon-free.

When should I get a Contrax legal review?

You should order your Contrax legal review as soon as you’ve found a property you are interested in learning more about. If you’re a lawyer or conveyancer, you should order your Contrax legal review as soon as you’ve received instructions from one of your clients.

How fast will I get my Contrax legal review?

Once we receive your order and have the contract, we can prepare the legal review in less than 24 hours and will send it to you as soon as it's ready. If needed we can produce the legal review even faster. Just let us know.

How do you charge for a Contrax legal review?

Homebuyers have the flexibility to pay per individual contract for a Contrax legal review, or take advantage of our bundled savings options. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our pricing page. After placing your order, you can conveniently create an account and complete your payment online using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

Questions about Contrax full conveyancing service

Can Contrax help me with my conveyance?

Absolutely. If you're successful with your purchase, you can choose to move forward with Contrax. We'd be happy to complete your conveyance. This extra service will assist you through to settlement when the property finally becomes yours.

How do you charge for a complete conveyance?

It costs $1,650 (plus disbursements) to complete your conveyance and, we only charge these fees when your property settles.

What's included with my purchase of a Contrax legal review?

Contrax will be by your side from contract review up to exchange. We'll help you uncover any legal issues with the contract and negotiate with the vendor's solicitor to remove unfair clauses and personalise the deal to your individual needs.

What locations do you service?

We offer legal reviews and conveyancing services throughout New South Wales.

How much does it cost to offer Contrax to my buyers?

It's free for agents to use Contrax technology and platform.

Are your prices inclusive of GST?

Yes, all prices quoted are inlcusive of GST.

Can I get a Contrax legal review for off the plan properties?

Contrax legal reviews are only available for standard residential contracts in NSW. We do not currently offer the Contrax legal review service for off-the-plan properties.

Can I speak to someone at Contrax?

Sure thing. Call our friendly team on (02) 8001 6123. Alternatively, please send us an email to hello@contrax.com.au to arrange a convenient time to speak.

What fees are covered by the guarantee?

We'll refund the entire Contrax legal review fee.

Who should I contact if I have questions or would like to request a refund?

You can call us directly on (02) 9884 7473. Or, if you work with a Contrax lawyer, you can contact your lawyer.

How long do I have to request a refund under the guarantee?

Refund requests must be received within 90 days of the date the fee was charged.

How long will it take to receive my refund?

Funds will be credited to your account as soon as possible after receiving a valid request.

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