About Us

Contrax provides comprehensive, plain English legal reviews of contracts of sale for immediate access by buyers and their legal advisers. 

We're a team of property lawyers who recognise the significant inefficiencies in the legal aspects of buying property. 

After coming up with an idea to help iron out some of these inefficiencies, Judith Hammerschlag and co-founder Danny Sandler brought in an exceptional tech team to help build Contrax.  

The current process is broken. We’re trying to help fix it by bringing together technology and remarkable legal service. 

At its core, buying a property in Australia revolves around the contract of sale. 

When a buyer is interested in purchasing a property, the traditional process requires the real estate agent to send out the contract of sale to the interested buyer. The buyer then engages a lawyer or conveyancer to provide them with a legal review of the contract. 

For one property, this occurs multiple times with multiple lawyers and conveyancers providing numerous legal reviews of the same contract. Lots of waiting and lots of wasted time and effort.

This process is cumbersome, inefficient, and prone to inconsistency, and we believe that by turning it on its head, we can do better. 

The legal review should be done once, well and made available to all. That way, all buyers begin the process of buying property from the same starting position on an equal legal footing.  

With immediate access to high-quality legal reviews, buyers and their legal teams can move fast while avoiding some of the duplicate work and waste embedded in the traditional process. 

Contrax is 100% independent and dedicated to buyers, and we’re just getting started.