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Before Contrax:

Unreviewed contracts are piling up, and people are overwhelmed. Clients are chasing you. You're stressed and frustrated that your clients aren't giving you enough time before they make an offer. It's tough to manage the risk of missing things in the contract, but it all falls on you.

After Contrax:

Soon you're back on the front foot. No longer consumed by the manual task of reviewing contracts you're free to add value to your client interactions. You now have a technology partner that lowers your costs, reduces your risk, and allows you to get back on top of things.

Satisfaction guarantee

We exist to make the home buying experience better, and this is our #1 priority. If you're not satisfied with your Contrax legal review, we'll refund your money and work with you to make things right.

Judith Hammerschlag, Co-Founder

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Give your clients all the information they need to decide whether to proceed with an offer.

Comprehensive legal review of the contract

Prepared by property lawyers

Simple to understand and jargon-free

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Unfair clauses highlighted

Template format for you to customise to your client's needs

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Legal reviews on-demand direct to your inbox

With the formal legal review done, you can easily customise the template to your client's specific needs and get it out to them fast.


Get comprehensive legal reviews in less than 24 hours


Cross-check each clause quickly and efficiently


Customise to your client's needs and send it to them fast

Free up your time to focus on your clients

Consistent quality, simple pricing

Kick off each engagement with a Contrax legal review

Prepared by Australian property lawyers

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Empowering homebuyers across NSW to take the next step with confidence

An outstanding service for property buyers, solicitors and conveyancers - it’s user friendly, fast and reliable. A great innovation and highly recommended.

Daniel, Lawyer, Sydney

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Frequently asked questions

Questions about the Contrax legal review

What is a Contrax legal review?

The Contrax legal review summarises the sale contract, highlighting the critical terms and conditions and any amendments that would make the agreement fairer for potential purchasers. Contrax prepares its legal reviews using language that is easy to understand and jargon-free.

When should I get a Contrax legal review?

You should order your Contrax legal review as soon as you’ve found a property you are interested in learning more about. If you’re a lawyer or conveyancer, you should order your Contrax legal review as soon as you’ve received instructions from one of your clients.

How fast will I get my Contrax legal review?

Once we receive your order and have the contract, we can prepare the legal review in less than 24 hours and will send it to you as soon as it's ready. If needed we can produce the legal review even faster. Just let us know.

How do you charge for a Contrax legal review?

Homebuyers have the flexibility to pay per individual contract for a Contrax legal review, or take advantage of our bundled savings options. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our pricing page. After placing your order, you can conveniently create an account and complete your payment online using Visa, Mastercard, or American Express.

What locations do you service?

We offer legal reviews and conveyancing services throughout New South Wales.

Can I speak to someone at Contrax?

Sure thing. Call our friendly team on (02) 8001 6123. Alternatively, please send us an email to hello@contrax.com.au to arrange a convenient time to speak.

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