Case study: The common problem for home buyers

Benjamin.S, Bondi, NSW
September 19, 2022

The common problem for home buyers  

I had been in the market to buy a new home for about six months, and the frustration of the process itself was compounded by the lawyer I was using. Although they had previously helped my family, they were not being very responsive on my home buying journey. In fact, this lawyer was so unreliable that I actually had to miss an auction for a property which I really loved the look of, simply because I was unable to bid as the lawyer had still not reviewed the contract I’d sent them ages ago.  

The Monday after that auction I told a work colleague about the nightmare I’d had, and they put me in touch with their lawyer – apparently this lawyer used the Contrax platform and my friend at work said it was a “game-changer” for home buyers who needed contracts reviewed.  

The Contrax solution in action

And I have to admit, Contrax really was a game changer. Now I was able to upload contracts in a jiffy directly onto the platform, at any time of day, and it was reviewed by a top-shelf conveyancing professional within 24 hours. No more having to send contracts via email and wait for my lawyer to get back to me, it was a whole new world.

Once the legal review was completed, I was notified immediately and could just press a button on the platform to let my lawyer know I was ready to proceed to the next stage of reaching out to the vendor’s lawyer with my requests. I received automatic notifications every time the vendor’s lawyer responded so I was able to keep things moving effortlessly, keeping up to date in real time. And it was all extremely easy to navigate.

Contrax makes home buyers happy

Whereas previously I was forced to take email threads of correspondence between my lawyer and the vendor’s lawyer to auctions, which always made me nervous, thanks to the Contrax Appendix I knew exactly what was agreed and had complete confidence that all amendments had been included in the current contract. I just felt really safe.

I couldn’t have been happier with the service I received from my lawyer, and I know the great outcome had a lot to do with the Contrax platform. I tell anyone I meet who’s buying a new property to check out the Contrax technology, I’m a huge advocate and couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

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