How the new benchmark of convenience in property contracts came to be

September 15, 2022

My name is Judith. I’m an Australian conveyancer, operating as a sole trader in my own practice. Like every other conveyancing practitioner running their own one-person practice, I found the admin time associated with getting property contracts reviewed and managing the whole process a huge burden, which chewed up way too many hours every week - hours that would be much better spent focussing on my clients and building business.

I designed the first version of my software platform, Contrax, purely for personal use in my conveyancing practice. Thanks to my husband Danny’s tech know-how and vision, my design came to life - a custom-specified purpose-built platform that rapidly started saving my business a massive amount of time. I could onboard clients, get instructions faster, review contracts, and manage the associated communications more efficiently. Even negotiations were streamlined.

It didn’t take us long to realise we had created a software platform that would revolutionise the efficiency of property contract admin, not just for conveyancing practitioners but also for real estate agents and home buyers.

Changing the property game for conveyancers, agents & home buyers – big time.

The huge appeal of the Contrax software, for professional property people and private home buyers alike, is the beautiful simplicity and the rock-solid reliability. Contrax is an all-in-one client experience & sale contract management platform, speeding up what used to be the time-consuming tasks associated with contract review and negotiation.

Whether you talk to conveyancers, real estate agents or home buyers, the feedback about Contrax is the same – there’s never been a faster, more cost-efficient way to manage property sale contracts.

  • For conveyancers, our nifty next-generation support tool means happier clients, valuable time saved, and a much better bottom line.

  • For real estate agents, Contrax opens doors to a service offering that enhances your clients experiences and saves time throughout the property sale process.

  • For private home buyers, Contrax changes the game when it comes to contract review – now, your conveyancer can easily manage your contract communications, negotiations and amendments simply and safely- taking you one step closer to your dream home.

Australian property professionals and private home buyers are embracing the benefits and excitedly joining the revolution in sale contract management.

And we look forward to welcoming you, too.


Contrax is an Australian, family-owned software platform co-founded and operated by husband and wife team – Judith Hammerschlag (herself a conveyancing lawyer) and Danny Sandler. To find out more, visit call 02 9884 7473 during Australian business hours.

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