Masterclass: Organise Your Home With Leena Terry

May 19, 2022

We are so excited to be chatting with the amazing home organising and styling guru, Leena Terry of Bliss Organisation.

Why did you start your business?

I started Bliss Organisation as a business just over three years ago. 

From a very young age, I always found having my space pretty and clean made me happy. I was really lucky my mum and dad (who are retired house painters) let me have full styling control over my bedroom and even painted a few times when my style changed, including me painting clouds on my ceiling!

I was helping friends and family organise and style their homes and decided to jump in and start Bliss. 

I absolutely love what I do and best of all I can say that I feel honoured that my clients allow me to come into their homes and so through their stuff and trust me to help them take control back in their homes.

For all our new buyers, any quick tips for starting the process off right?

Decluttering should always be done before packing. Not only will it save time on the other end of a move but it will save money on moving day.

Some of our clients may be buying property and moving in together for the first time. How do you prioritize what stays and what goes when combining items?

You need to look at the space and the style you would like in your home. Go through all the items and see what works best to accommodate this. If there are items that just can't be parted with but don't fit into the plan have a room like an office or not commonly used area that these items could be used in and have a different feel to them from the rest of the home.

Picture: Dan Gosse Cabinetry: Keedah 

How do you organize and make space for those items you want to keep but don’t actively use?

These items I try to put in higher or more awkward areas, like tops of wardrobes or at the back of corner cupboards in the kitchen. Always make sure that if items are boxed you label what is in them.

Is it ok for the “messy” partner to have a dedicated space that stays disorganised?

I find that once you start to declutter and organise your items everyone else in the home follows suit. If not you definitely need to have an area where they can do as they please and you're fine to leave it be.

For all our young parents out there, they will be desperate to know how to deal with endless toys? Any quick tips? 

Declutter any broken toys that are not played with and rotate toys every 6 to 8 weeks. This way you don’t have an endless amount of toys to pick up but the kids think they are getting new toys. 

Photo: Patrick Moran

A lot of us have clothing items that no longer fit, yet they hold memories. Any tips on how to deal with these?

Ask yourself if it's the item or the moment that holds the memory. More often than not you will have a photo of yourself in the clothing and that is enough to let go for some people. 

I also get my clients to have a keepsake box to put all their special items including some clothing into. 

Another thing to remember is that items that are stored away are not being used for their true purpose and can then hold stagnant energy so only store items that you just can't let go of.

What's the best way to organize shoes? 

It really depends on the space you have and how many pairs of shoes. There are some great space-saving items that can help with this like the Murvel from Ikea that helps stack your pair of shoes on top of each other. If you're tight on space over door shoe storage can work as well.

Is it still worth having a garage sale? Or should you rather donate your unwanted items?

With selling platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree garage sales are definitely not as common these days. Look at your area if you have high traffic on your street it may be worth having a weekend Garage sale. If you decide to donate, check with your local charity to see what they need first.

Judith: Do you have any tips for organising garages that always are packed with a million different items?

Investing in shelving and good airtight containers can transform a garage. Always group your items together with like items and clearly label your containers so it's easy to find things as you need them.

What is your favourite thing or area to organise?

Wardrobes and kitchens!

As a professional organiser, does this mean you are personally super organized at home? 

I have two boys and a puppy so things are definitely not always super organized but because I have systems in my home it only takes a short amount of time to clean up.

What are some of the easiest and most cost-effective organisational upgrades you can make in a property?

De-canting containers for foodstuff in your pantry would be on my list of top 5 things to invest in. You can clearly see what you have and it will save you money when food shopping as you will know what you have and not double up on items.

Picture: Pinterest

Are there any particular trends, colours, materials, products or brands you love right now?

I’m so in love with the Eucalyptus colour at the moment. It has just such a calming and fresh feel.

I’m also obsessed with tuning forks and crystals. You strike the fork against a crystal and the tones that are made help restore a sense of balance. 

Eucalyptus inspired styling Image: Italianbark

Follow along for more from Bliss Organisation @blissorganisation or you can contact Leena directly via her website at

A special thanks to Leena for chatting to us. Stay tuned for our next guest on the masterclass.

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